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What is Faster EFT?

Faster EFT is a form of acupressure used in Chinese Medicine to restructure neural pathways in the brain. Meridian points, connected to different organs affected by stress and negative emotions are lightly tapped on using our own fingers. This tapping destroys neurological mind-body connections, which changes our emotional bond with any given experience.
Faster EFT plucks key aspects of other leading-edge intervention strategies, such as NLP, EFT, and BSFF, giving rise to a potent, supercharged technique that triggers the brain to re-code itself on a deeply unconscious and fundamental cellular level.
It is a universal healing system that can address virtually anything including, but not limited to the Release of Anxiety • Low Self-esteem • Fears • Phobias • Creative Blocks • Weight • Depression • Grief & Loss • Cravings • Headache • Relationship Problems • Insomnia • Bad Habits • Disease • Allergy • Pain • Fatigue • Trauma Addictions.
By replacing our current perceptions with ones that actually make us feel good, we allow our subconscious mind to propel us forward into our desired reality with ease and grace. We are finally able to make peace with our past memories. When we change what the subconscious holds, we behave differently, we make better choices and decisions, our health, our relationships improve and our life changes for the better!
Faster EFT 65$/hour with Christina Law