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Organic Golden Mushroom Chowder

    IMG_3968MUSHROOMS! They are literally everywhere.  It’s quite wonderful.  And I love learning about the ones you can eat.  Last year, picking and eating chanterelles from the woods here, made me eager to get out there again.  I have harvested so many gorgeous mushrooms.  It’s kind of exciting.  Last night, I made a creamy mushroom soup.  I wanted to share the Chanterelle recipes I try because I have found so many ideas thanks to folks posting theirs.

    Organic Golden Mushroom Chowder


    First I blended fresh chanterelles, thyme and one clove of garlic in a nutri-bullet until creamy.  I didn’t cook anything at this point.
    When I got home, over the stove I roasted two organic purple carrots, three organic green onions, and another handful of chanterelles, fresh – in coconut oil and added it to my base of creamed mushrooms… I chopped up a handful of the greens from on top of the carrots, sprinkled in some tumeric and added 1/2 can organic coconut milk and a few shreddings of raw, cultured white cheese for creamy texture and taste.  I sprinkled in some Himilayan pink salt, cooked it, let it set, cooked it again, let it set, and it was amazing.   I had some wild sockeye salmon ) that I added to my second round, as any true seafood chowder lover would do, and it was even more amazing.  I only made enough for one, using my best judgement, but it turned out to be enough for two nights worth.
    So, enjoy! and Remember to buy from local organic farmer’s as much as possible to take back control over our food sources, and our health!IMG_3943

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