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Goddess Guidance Retreat: A Shamanic Initiation

    February 15 -17, 2019 

    Hosted by Erin Newmann, Life Coach

    Have you been hoping for…

    • total clarity around your calling or path?
    • a way to bring your intuitive gifts into your career or business?
    • powerful transformation in your life?
    • deeper connection to like-minded women, women who celebrate diversity of mind, body, and spirit?
    • a new level of excitement for your life and the new year? 

    Connect to Your Goddess. Receive Clarity on Your Calling.  Allow in Abundance.

    Imagine being in a space where…

    You’re entirely at peace.

    You’re connecting with a group of aligned and soulful women, all on the path to discover their Shamanic goddess guides.

    You’re able to discover answers from your goddess guide, and feel loved and supported by her as you claim your big magic in the world.

    You’re surrounded by the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains, nourished with delicious food, and fully supported to create the path to your dreams.


    Be initiated into the beauty, magic, and deep sacred work of the goddess…so that you can create your most amazing year yet.


    This is Your Initiation to Your Goddess Lineage: 

    Through Shamanic journeys, you will be initiated into your own unique goddess lineage and discover (or deepen) your connection to the powerful beings who call you by name and know you to be one of their own, culminating in a beautiful ceremony to crown you as a goddess!

    Whether you feel called to Freya, Astarte, Artemis, Diana, Oshun, Hecate, Mary of Magdalene, Isis, Brigid, Epona, or any other goddess, you will understand how to access the other realms at any time, in order to connect with these powerful beings and receive healing, wisdom, guidance, and clarity.

    What is Shamanism? What is Shamanic work?

    Shamanism is an ancient path of discovering answers, healing, and clarity by entering into a space where it is possible to hear from guides, angels, power animals, and helping spirits. These beings go by many different names in many cultures, and we will enter into a safe, sacred and protected space in which we can open ourselves to the answers that they can provide.

    Through the use of a simple drum beat, we will create a theta-wave trance state (similar to a state right before sleep) , and from there enter into a Shamanic journey.

    For Westerners, this can seem a little awkward and strange at first. Your retreat facilitators are experts in holding space for those new to Shamanic journeying work, as well as being a support to those who need deeper direction.

    You’ve been feeling called to do something different. To walk a different path. To explore new ways of *being* in your life or business.


    This is your chance to honor that calling. We are a cultivating a circle of unique women with intentional energy. This retreat is for women who:

    • celebrate diversity in all of its forms
    • want to explore their uniquely guided path from a place of sovereignty and ownership (not in need of a guru)
    • are open to the esoteric, the mystical, and the magical
    • are ready to create their own path, regardless of what others say
    • need that push or encouragement to create more magic in their lives or businesses

    What will we actually DO? 

    We will be journeying, sharing, journaling, meditating, manifesting, and moving our bodies, all within a sweet space in the mountains. We’ll have plenty of time for community and connection, as well as free time to experience both the magic of the mountains and other services, including Thai massage or Swedish massage or sound therapy.

    You will leave the retreat with:

    • a clear, divinely inspired plan for 2019
    • a community of women to support you on your path
    • a renewed excitement for your life and business or creative endeavor



    What is provided?

    All meals: delicious, all natural, vegan/vegetarian (special diets accommodated)

    Also includes one meal at a local Blue Ridge restaurant (alcohol not included)

    Beautiful accommodations at the Heartwood Retreat Center nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains.

    • Organic cotton bedding
    • Part of a shared living community
    • High vibe energetic surroundings (trails, firepit, etc.)


    Gifts, snacks, and everything you need!

    Be entirely supported with your welcome gift, delicious snacks (all diets accommodated), tea, and coffee!

    The Universe Wants You to Be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy!

    Our work during this weekend will include a focus on creating abundance in all areas of your life. We will offer a Manifest Anything You Desire Training, which will include:

    • the possibility to connect with an abundance guide or power animal (if not your goddess)
    • Shamanic methods of understanding and creating abundance
    • Erin’s 5-Step Manifesting Process to manifest anything in your life




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