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    If you are ready to radically transform your life, this experiential 7-day event is for you.

    APRIL 4 – APRIL 10, 2020

    ISTA’s Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSeX) is open to all who are called. ISTA is an immersive and deep dive into the core of what it takes to be a whole and embodied being. Many of us are longing for a more authentic way of belonging in the world, a way that doesn’t compromise our truth yet allows us to experience love and connection with others. If you are open to receiving wisdom from a part of yourself you may never have encountered before, welcome home. Our call is universal

    Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 10 years. Our participants have been radically changed for the better as they uncover reactive patterns and transform them into conscious ways of being.

    The immersive ISTA experience focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality and authenticity. We accomplish this through multiple pathways of healing: guided visualizations, emotional release exercises, shamanic initiations, energy tracking, and conscious, sacred touch. We also utilize modern therapeutic tools like NLP, NVC, consent training and gestalt dialoguing. These are just a few of the practices used to dive deep into the inner realms of your shadow world.



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